A stay « kibbutz fashion » during your holidays

A stay “kibbutz fashion” during your holidays

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A few days together in “kibbutz mode” are regularly offered to supporters and members of the association, the kibbutz of Paris, which is 20 minutes from the gate of Bercy in a small village in the countryside.

If you’re french, the financial contribution requested for these stays is in the form of a donation to the association “Psycho-socio-educational and humanitarian action LKDP”. It is calculated based on the actual cost (housing / food) to which it is added the 75% or 65% deductible of the taxes. This deductible share is totally re-invested in our psycho-socio-educational and humanitarian actions.

Example: for a week of holidays with accommodation, meals, courses, workshops and sports à la carte (for sports, included in the proposed rate: swimming pool, ping pong, trampoline, swing, darts, football, volleyball, basketball on neighboring ground hiking trails, cycling). Other sports are practicable and offered by private companies or associations against a financial participation “at the doors” of the kibbutz of Paris). Participation per person child or adult: for one week, 500 € including 325 € or 375 € are deductible from your taxes. To know the dates and the program of these few days, you can join the Kibbutz of Paris:




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