Become supporter, member or ‘Haver in the kibbutz of Paris

The association “the kibbutz of Paris” is an association open to anyone interested in the way of life of the kibbutz.

The Kibbutz is a way of life from Jewish culture, promoted by people who think it is relevant, whether or not they belong to that culture.

This intercultural welcome is for the association very important, in many respects.

How to become supporter, member or ‘Haver in the kibbutz of Paris?

Are considered “supporters” of the association “the Kibbutz of Paris”, people who participate in events, meetings, workshops, celebrations etc. proposed by the association, depending on their availability.

Are considered members of our association, people who commit themselves and devote a significant part of their free time to the life and the various actions carried out by the kibbutz of Paris.

Are considered ‘Haver, the people who live and work partly or totally in the kibbutz of Paris.

If you are interested in meeting us, to apply for one of these three possibilities of participation, contact the association.

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