Charter of the kibbutz of Paris

Charter of the kibbutz of Paris


“The urban kibbutz, a tool for changing mentalities” (Claude Berger).


“I’m where I said I’d be. “

“I’m doing what I’m committed to doing. “

When I participate in the life of the Kibbutz of Paris, I never say: "That, I would not do it because I do not know how to do it ... or ... because I've never done it" etc. To say that supposes that others will have to assume in my place what comes back to me in terms of "living together" (cooking, cleaning, gardening, etc.). At the Kibbutz of Paris, I learn where I do not know, I do where I'm not used to.

“I do not wait for someone to do it for me; I think, I invent, I dare, I propose. “

“I am reactive to proposals because I have in mind the complexity of the task for those who organize. “

“I listen to the speaker, avoiding talking with him at the same time. “

“I give of myself. “


These fundamental principles must be respected if the kibbutz of Paris is to remain and for a long time a space of sharing, culture and fruitful social realization.

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