coaching for adults with disabling illness, mental health problems or mental disability


Coaching for adults with disabling illness, mental health problems or mental disability.

Proposed by the kibbutz of Paris


The kibbutz of Paris offers families who are willing, a coaching for one of their members, in psychic and / or physical difficulty.

At the rate of 5 hours per week, coaching is a « tailor-made » help, adapted to the needs of a person with problems, on the « ground of life ».


Description of the program:

The kibbutz coaches in Paris share fruitful experiences and perform in the presence and / or with the collaboration of the beneficiary for whom they are responsible, various tasks and activities.


Some examples of these tasks, activities and studies.

Within this framework, the adult with problems will tie, meeting after meeting, a relationship of sympathy, respect and trust with his coach.

During breaks or during the activities, he will be able to discuss, share his interests, tell his happy moments, share what could annoy him, a memory, a difficulty etc.

In doing so, he may step backs as to the events of his life and his general vitality will not be diminished. So doing, a work of personal development and psychotherapy is done.


This program is to take place in accordance of a cultural mediation approach.

Description of the coaching implementation :

  • The person in charge of this project within the kibbutz of Paris meets the family. She notes the difficulties and needs around the adult in difficulty. In a second time, she meets this adult.
  • A coach is introduced to the family. If the meeting is successful, the coach meets the future beneficiary. A schedule of sessions is established.
  • the Coaching can start


Who are the coaches of the kibbutz of Paris?

Our coaches are supporters or members of the kibbutz of Paris who have received prior training and receive continuous training while they involve themselves with a beneficiary, as part of the kibbutz of Paris program for coaching for adults in needs.


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