Coaching for older people in need

This coaching is an individualized support, adapted to the needs of the beneficiary.

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Description of the program:

The program manager welcomes you, accompanied by your spouse or a relative. He can also receive your spouse or your relative and meet you in a second time. You are getting to know each other. The project manager records your needs and expectations for help in everyday life, intellectual life, cultural, psychological and physical activities.


A coach is submitted. If the meeting is successful, a schedule of meetings is established.


Coaching can start.


Once you have completed some tasks for which you need help from your coach, you will invest with him some selected activities and studies.

Some examples of these tasks, activities and studies


Within this framework, you will create, meeting after meeting, a relationship of sympathy, respect and trust with your coach.


During breaks, during tasks or activities, you will get to know him more and more.


You will be able to discuss, share your interests, what made you happy, share what could annoy you, a memory, a difficulty etc. In doing so, you will take the necessary setbacks on your life and it will be easy to keep the enthusiasm, not to lose your vitality. This relationship of trust over time that will be established with your coach will allow him to be at your side, if necessary, in a sensitive knowledge of your personality and situation.


Coaching has been developed for older people who need support and help. Our coaches are in charge of adapting their way of working, the experience, the tasks and the activities they will propose, according to the personality, the potentialities and even the difficulties of the coachees.

To understand more about the support and coaching program of the kibbutz of Paris, you can make an appointment with the project manager of our association. He will take the time to explain more about the program proposed by our association. It will then contemplate with you and your spouse, or your relative who is involved in the implementation of this support and coaching, in the most appropriate and relevant way to implement this program (number of hours, pre-determined days each week. etc.), with regard to your wishes and needs.


This coaching respect an approach which takes into account the cultural mediation.

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