Paris Kibbutz, in few words…

Paris Kibbutz is a networked kibbutz, under construction.   It consists of a spot for collective living, in Normandy, 10 minutes from Pont Audemer and another place for collective living in Sèvres, to be founded from a shared habitat (The project is developed and written. It will be implemented once the project in Normandy is […]

Ecology, eco-zionism and kibbutz

Michael Livni : Who is Michael Livni ? Over the past forty years, the world has come to realize the importance of a comprehensive understanding of the world in the face of the global challenge that humanity will face in the twenty-first century. It is in our best interests to be concerned about the environment. The […]

The Nahal

Nahal, an innovation that lasts …   The Nahal : The role of the young soldiers of this brigade founded by Ben-Gurion in 1948, in the tradition of the pioneer spirit, was to supply the soldiers with sufficient military resources, but also to help in the creation of kibbutzim and new agricultural communities. The Nahal […]

The Federation of Black Jews

The association “Paris Kibbutz” and the “Federation of Black Jews”. A meeting, an effective collaboration for more than two years. The creation of the State of Israel inaugurated a meta-community [1] unprecedented in the history of the Jewish people. All kinds of Jews and non-Jews coexist there, somehow because the Israeli microcosm experiences the same […]

The first Kibbutz ?

Solomon must decide on the location of the temple: he hesitates, worse, he doubts … he does not know where the Temple will be erected … he has already had foundations excavated, of course. Each time they were swept away by calamities: Flood, earthquake, fire … Each time Solomon decides for a site, alas, a […]