Does urban kibbutz position itself politically?

The movement of the urban kibbutz is meant to be politically neutral.

We believe that the transformation of our societies will be done by a social movement and not by the parties attached to the preservation of the existing disorder.

The 20th and 21st centuries saw Nazism and Bolshevism triumph and then fall.

Nazism fomented the Holocaust, the extermination of Jews and Gypsies.

The fall of communism and the fall of social democracy demonstrated the inanity of capitalism and state wage-earning, and the failures of social democracy believing in the regulation of liberal capitalism for a more just distribution have shown the limits and the fundamental error of social democratic thought.

Hence the current political crisis and the feeling of stalemate and lack of prospects.

The urban kibbutz proposes to transmit cultural and human wealth and among them, the thoughts of the authors who allow this other approach to reality, a non-doctrinaire and politically neutral approach.

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