Salaried work today

Salaried work is a form of modern slavery. The oppression it exerts is only manifested by its effects: depression, suicide, malaise.

It combines two processes: an extortion of unpaid labor time and even an extortion of social power that leads to the hierarchy of work or to the political class. “Is the destiny of the man that of a mercenary who runs after his salary?” Is it written in Job. Selling on a market and shaping a matching CV is one example. Forced to provide for himself, the employee does it himself, unlike the slave or serf: the oppression is internalized. No need for police to go to work.

The urban kibbutz opens liberating prospects in terms of the investment of individuals in their daily tasks to subsist. It is no longer a question of “getting out” but of “living”. Living is an art to cultivate. Hence the priority that the urban kibbutz gives to sharing, to mutual help, to creative social-cultural ties.

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