The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947 reflects the existence, 2000 years ago, of a monastic community retired from the world, the Essenes.

There were the monasteries’ Essenes (Qumran, Kmerl) but there were also those who lived in Galilee constituting a true fraternity. They observed a code of life based on physical, mental and moral purity rules.

Some of them were highly educated persons; many of them were healers, due to their perfect knowledge of nature, plants and energies. They were frequently called in the event of critical illness or even of epidemic.

Philo of Alexandria in the first century testifies in his writings:

(extract relating to the life of the Essenes):

“There is no house owned by somebody, no house that is not, in fact, everybody’s house … there is only one fund for everybody; the expenses are common … all that they receive as wages for their working day, they do not keep it for themselves but they deposit it in front of all … as for the patients, they are not neglected on the pretext that they cannot be productive…”

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