The Nahal

The Nahal, an innovation that lasts …   The Nahal: The role of the young soldiers of this brigade founded by Ben Gurion in 1948, in the tradition of the pioneering spirit, was to provide the soldiers with sufficient military resources, but also to assist in the creation of kibbutzim and new farming communities. The Nahal from its very beginnings had the mission of sending groups of 10 young people to found a kibbutz on a desolate land. Over the years, the Nahal Brigade has been involved in many conflicts. As a result, combat readiness has become a priority. This being the case, Nahal’s ‘Bazelet’ battalion deserves attention in the face of the kibbutz revival in Israel.


In 1987, it was decided to unify the Nahal Parachute Battalion with the 950th Battalion, which was made up of the veteran soldiers of the Nahal Brigade, which led to the creation of the ‘Bazelet’ Battalion, as we know it today. The Nahal and continuity battalion Bazelet, have never stopped since 1948 to work for social solidarity and collaborative life!


Batselet in continuity with the Nahal is indeed a unique battalion because it is composed in part of members of “gar’in”. A “gar’in” (Hebrew: גרעין, kernel litter) is a group of young people who follow a specific program that begins even before they join the army. The members of “gar’in” perform a year of pre-service that can be described as “civil service”, during which they volunteer to provide assistance in disadvantaged neighborhoods, in towns and cities. development, in kibbutzim and in population centers where children and adolescents live who need special education and attention.


The members of the “Gar’in” later incorporate the Battalion ‘Bazelet’ where they serve for a year and a half as combatant soldiers. They then continue their service for an additional year of volunteering in the social field (in Hebrew, this year is called ‘Perek Messima’, פרק משימה). At the end of this year, they return to the army for 6 months during which they carry out routine operations. This battalion is one of those which brings together the widest range of the Israeli population (new immigrants, young kibbutzim and moshavim, young people from big cities, etc.)


The role of the Nahal in the creation of the urban kibbutz.

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