Foundations of the matrix place

New framework : the Covid-19 highlights the issues of the globalization, thus reorganizing a local and a collective life after the Covid-19 is essential.

The village which combines the useful and the pleasant, will make its comeback.
Following the example of the shtetl (Jewish villages in Central Europe which existed until the Second World War) the urban and the “rurban” kibbutz will add to the post Covid-19 village a spiritual and a mutual aid experience within the traditional framework of “Tikkoun Olam” (a kabbalistic term referring to the mending of the world, a task attributed to human beings).

The digital world will relay and fertilize the daily life of the urban and “rurban” kibbutz as well as the villages of all kinds, from a local to an international level.

Paris Kibbutz offers an avant-garde semi-nomadic style of life. It unfolds as follows :

  • Setting up an international network through digital communities which are involved in a local life and consumption.
  • Arranging time to meet people at a very low expense at various locations. 

It is an occasional and facilitated mobility that has been thought according to environmental purposes to limit pollution.

The new framework after the lockdown does not imply any change for the founding of the “matrix place”, instead it reinforces its relevance.

Establishment of the matrix location of Paris Kibbutz : the Calvados is now the location chosen by Paris Kibbutz for the foundation of its matrix location. The property, nestled in beautiful nature, guarantees a rural environment just over an hour from Paris by car or train. Nearby, the city of Pont-Audemer (10 minutes by car), called the «Norman Venice», offers the charms of an ancient city crossed by canals as well as the useful services and facilities of a modern city. The equally charming and well known towns of Honfleur, Trouville, Deauville, Cabourg, Houlgate etc. are near the future “matrix” place of Paris Kibbutz. Crossed by the Risle river, the area offers the full range of water sports as well as beaches on its lakes where it is possible to swim. D-Day Landing beaches, museums and places of memory linked to the Liberation initiated by the allies in Normandy on June 6, 1944, are less than an hour away by car.

A pilot group of ‘Haverim for a pilot “matrix place”: The foundation of the “matrix place” based on a rurban kibbutz rests on the empowerment of a group of people who enjoys being together enough to live together, share a part of their incomes and, for some of them, work together.

Paris Kibbutz, after the pandemic, continues its activities, events and workshops, so that the links forged between sympathizers and members are ever stronger and that a group of people able to form a first group of ‘ Haverim is forming. This group of ‘Haverim formed, it will be up to him to organize himself in order to attend regularly, and even, for some of the group, to move in due course to the Norman property. Paris Kibbutz is already looking for two full-time volunteers, trained in the foundation of kibbutz or capable of an investment of this type, in order to launch the project of life and reception in the birthplace, upon acquisition thereof.

The reshuffle, with regard to this foundation in the Norman property, comes down to the fact that Paris Kibbutz, since the start of the pandemic, took and was able to benefit from the time necessary so that a group of ‘Haverim «pilot» , united and solid, actor of its establishment, is constituted. The quality and durability of the matrix place established by such a group will make this first place in Normandy, a “pilot” matrix place.