Our actions

The Kibbutz of Paris organizes meetings so that some members of his network exchange around their search for work or their professional project.

The kibbutz of Paris is developing parallel links with business leaders as well as professionals employed or invested in the liberal sector :

– to make it easier for young people to find work placements, professional or alternating contracts

– to its ‘haverim, active members and friends who wish it, to benefit from a network and a support to carry out a new professional project

If you wish a meeting, and/or to participate in a group meetings and/or join the professional network of the Kibbutz of Paris, for receiving or giving,


The inter-kibbutz welcome is open to everyone. Paris kibbutz, located in a small village 20 minutes from Paris, as well as some members and supporters of Paris kibbutz living in Paris, the suburbs of Paris, in Province even in Israel and abroad, welcome at home, in their private dwelling place, for a Sabbath meal, a feast, for a day of celebration. To be invited, contact the association.

Inter Kibbutz accommodation is intended for members and supporters of Paris kibbutz.

Inter kibbutz accommodation: you come to study in Paris. You are in training or professional mission for a few weeks in Paris or the Paris region. You come from France or abroad for holidays in Ile de France. You emigrate, move and you will find yourself without housing time to enter your new home. You go to Israel for a stay or an aliyah and you want to be hosted and hosted in France or Israel the time to enter your home.

Do not hesitate, contact Paris kibbutz!

Our kibbutz has a network of supporters and members of its association in Paris, in the Paris region, in France, abroad, in Israël who are able to offer a week’s accommodation, a month or more, in their home.

We will find you a reception on the kibbutz mode, that is, in exchange for volunteering, of good services to think and define.


hosting for conversation with the hosted person to progress in the language of the hosted person

accommodation for DIY

hosting for computer courses etc.

accommodation for community work to meet the needs of the kibbutz of Paris

accommodation in France against accommodation in Israël 

Accommodation with a sympathizer or member of the kibbutz of Paris against a service to be defined (support a few hours a day of a child, a senior etc.)

Places of accommodation (list under construction):

The intercultural welcome in Paris Kibbutz is for the association very important, in many respects.

First of all, the fact that the kibbutz was born of Jewish culture and proves to be socially and culturally effective in Israel, welcomes us out of the clichés resulting among other things, from the current misinformation. This continuing misinformation about the State of Israel is pointing too many Jews and non-Jews in their apprehension of Israel and leading them to lose access to its originality, innovations, and ethics in action. 

Kibboutz Mishol postcast.

The State of Israel, like all democratic states, is not a perfect state, irreproachable in every way. Having said this, assuming that the State of Israel represents a paradigm of conquering and racist generalized practices, or even of apartheid, is a false and slanderous idea.

The kibbutz, and more particularly the urban kibbutz, shows another Israeli reality, concerned with socio-cultural diversity, respect for minorities, social justice and universalism (although this is not always done without first resistance), values that lie at the foundation of millennial Jewish culture, despite accepted notions.

And the kibbutz for 100 years now keeps on re-inventing and the urban kibbutz for 30 years keeps on growing. The kibbutz’s associative way of life co-exists with many other Israeli realities with similar values that the French media hardly ever talk about, despite their often innovative and humanly encouraging socio-cultural aspects.

We hope that our associative initiative will participate in the work of necessary re-information regarding the reality of the Israeli experience and the Jewish values that are actualizing it.

Moreover, as Claude Berger says, the kibbutz, whether urban or not, plunges its philosophical roots into universalist authors who, like Marx, Moses Hess or Kropotkin, « intended to oppose the association of workers between them to the market logic inherent in the wage system. In fact, the system of wage labor is built on the fact that individuals who are disconnected from each other sell their labor force in a competitive market of the same name. From there, the transformation of work into commodities.

It is against such a process that the kibbutz finds its universal purpose: it is the Kibbutz to recreate links of solidarity, exchange and communication, outside the workplace and submit production to the communities thus created, and not the other way round, which is the submission of consumers to market products motivated solely by the rule of profit.

The kibbutz is as likely to interest everyone as it is open to everyone!

A trip to meet and create twinnings with Israeli urban and classic kibbutz is in preparation as well as a trip to Africa to meet African Jewish communities.

If you are interested in participating, contact the association.

Places of accommodation (list under construction):


Paris XVI, Paris XVII

Sèvres (92)

Créteil (94)

Fontenay-sous-bois (94)

Cazeres sur Garonne (60 km from Toulon)

Spain: Catalonia

Israël: Ashkelon