Our events

All shabbats and on the occasion of every Jewish feasts, sympathizers, members and ‘Haverim of the kibbutz of Paris meet and invite.

If you wish to be invited or to welcome during a celebration, in Paris, in the suburbs or in Province, contact Audrey :

e-mail : arainal@icloud.com

Once a month, the urban kibbutz in Paris organizes a brunch or a dinner at its supporters or members’ place. 

A dozen guests are invited. Each brings a dish and a drink.

The guests are people who want to know more about the Paris Kibbutz after having read the information on our website and our Facebook page “Le Kibbutz de Paris”, and having had an initial contact on the phone.

These workshops aim to welcome future supporters, sympathizers or ‘Haver kibbutz’.

If you’re interested in taking part in one of these “brunch-dinner” workshops, please let us know:

Get in touch

Important reminders :

Please read our charter before contacting us to participate in a workshop.

General rules for food and drinks brought:

  • The dishes need to be vegetarian: vegetables, fruits, cakes, cheeses, milk, eggs, bread, etc.

  • no meat, including gelatin (pork) and E120 (insect-based), please check the content of ready-meals

  • fish: stick to tuna, salmon and hake because seafood and some other species of fish are not kosher

  • wines and grape juice must be stamped kosher.

A getaway in the kibbutz fashion during your holidays

A few days together in “fashion kibbutz” are regularly offered to the ‘haverim, sympathizers and supporters of the association.

To know the dates and the program of these few days, you can join Paris Kibbutz.

Weedings at the Paris kibbutz. “Kibbutz fashion” weedings…

“Weeding at the Paris kibbutz, a family, rural celebration.”

The kibbutz puts at the disposal of its sympathizers, members and ‘haverim’ its chuppah, its gardens, its kosher cuisine, its “moadon”.

The family and / or friends of the bride and groom are involved. They participate in the organization of the wedding with the sympathizers, members and kibbutz haverim who propose themselves for the event. Our photographers, cameramen, musicians, cooks etc., our amateur talents of all kinds contribute to make the weeding at Paris Kibbutz, a chalerous celebration, a unique moment of “Yedidut” (yedidut: hebrew traduction : fraternity, friendship. The word “Yedidut” is made up of 2 times the root of the word “Yad” which means “hand.” It actually takes 2 hands, to give one’s hand to live the friendship in action, the fraternity)

If you’re interested, get in touch

The moadon is a Hebrew word for the cafeteria kibbutz, open to all its members, daily. The moadon is a place of life, culture, exchange and decision-making in the kibbutz.

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