Where are we?

At Paris Kibbutz, we are working to form the group of ‘haverim who will live together in the matrix place of our kibbutz.

“Matrix place”?

The modern kibbutz, re-invented, called “rurban”, as the name suggests, is a geographically dispersed collective: some of its members live in rural areas while the other part of its members live in urban areas . In addition, there is a network of houses, for some close, for others distant to the international (see section: The “rurban” Kibbutz)

Waiting for the realization of our matrix place (that we hope in the course of the year 2020), Paris Kibbutz offers to the sympathizers and members of the KDP, the opportunities of learning, of creative hobbies and of collective life during its stays “kibbutz fashion”, in rented places.

If you wish to be kept informed of the stays “kibbutz fashion”, contact Paris Kibbutz.