Who are we ?

“The Paris Kibbutz” is a non-profit organisation whose goal is to promote a lifestyle inspired by both the classical kibbutz and the urban kibbutz : the “rurban kibbutz”. The association was founded in July 2018.

A first rurban kibbutz was founded in January 2019, 30 minutes from Paris’ Bercy gate, in the Ile de France area. This is the first action of the association and as such shares its name: “le kibboutz de Paris”. 

Since its creation, LKDP has been deploying its ‘inter-kibbutz’ welcome an accommodation project,  psycho-socio-educational  and  humanitarian actions, activities with partner kibbutz in Israel, partnerships with other associations and its lucrative project.

It hosts events (brunches and dinners / workshops, celebrations, getaway in kibbutz fashion during holidays, trips, workshops and open days) to share its way of life, ils thoughts and its projects with others.

“The kibbutz is not a way of life that suits everyone. But if it suits you, then look for your kibbutz and join the haverim! “

Shimon Peres

“The kibbutz is the fairest and most honest way of life in the world. Since the nineteenth century, there has been no more noble, more dedicated and more brilliant attempt to find a model of life that really responds to a person’s desire to be free, honest and helpful. “

From an interview with Shimon Peres in the following video :

Kibbutz Life Seduces Israelis Again

Presentation of Paris kibbutz


“Israel is full of people who seek a vision, a life that makes sense. Mission-oriented urban kibbutz give them a way to live that way. ” 

Omer Lefkowitz, member of kibboutz Beit Yisraël

To put it another way, the urban kibbutz is working to build the Israeli society of tomorrow, on a wider scale, toward the “tikkoun olam” [1].

[1] The “tikkun olam” is one of the central concepts of the Zohar (Book of Splendor), which is the masterpiece of Kabbalah. The “tikkun olam”, in Hebrew:  תיקוןעולם, means “repair of the world”. It is a concept that largely covers the Jewish conception of social justice

For a better understanding of the Israeli movement of the urban kibbutz, read this article published on “Israel 21c, uncovering Israel”, in September 2018: Urban kibbutzim plant seeds for improving city life

The first goal of the association “Paris Kibbutz” is to increase the Jews of France’s awareness of to this type of vision, of lifestyle, of the “urban kibbutz”, so that they dare, invent, create urban kibbutz where they live, for their happiness and that of their environment. By the foundation of a kibbutz in Ile de France, the association “Paris Kibbutz” encourages these warned Jews to adopt a kibbutz life.


“Paris Kibbutz” is a non-profit organization whose goal is to promote a lifestyle inspired by the classical kibbutz and the urban kibbutz: the “rurban kibbutz”. This association was founded in July 2018.

A first “rurban kibbutz” was founded in January 2019, 30 minutes from Porte de Bercy, Ile de France. It bears the name of the association he inaugurated the first action.

Thus “Paris Kibbutz” is the first “rurban” kibbutz.

But what is a “rurban” kibbutz?

The “rurban kibbutz”, as its name suggests, is a geographically dispersed community: some of its members live in rural areas while the other part lives in urban areas.

Thus, the rurban kibbutz concentrates and proposes to its members the advantages of both the rural kibbutz and the urban kibbutz:

1 / The advantages of the rural kibbutz.

With a place in the countryside, the rurban kibbutz allows for experiences close to nature, whether it’s during daily life, weekends, or punctual holidays. In the rurban kibbutz, we upkeep our houses, our gardens, our grounds. We build, repair, plant, harvest etc. In doing so, the rurban kibbutz pursues the Jewish ideals defended by many of its thinkers, working for a life close to nature, to the land – not just the Land of Israel. This proximity contributes to the good flourishing of Jewish identity as much as to the celebration of all that has been “divinely” created.

2 / The advantages of the urban kibbutz:

Urban kibbutz have been in place in Israel since 1987. There are more than 220 today.

The urban kibbutz gathers approximately between 10 and 30 people; the largest urban kibbutz in Israel “Mishol” near Nazareth gathers 150 people -half of them children. This limited number of members is a way to preserve within the kibbutz a proximity, the sensitive attention toward each other, a conviviality, a friendliness, an effective mutual help.

Each urban kibbutz chooses its own terms and modalities of what members will manage together in terms of work, lifestyle and its humanitarian and/or socio-educational internal and external actions. Because of the limited number of members, each collectively established living project. easily corresponds to the project implemented by everyone.Thus, each kibbutznik lives satisfied and fulfilled, in as much as that is possible.

The urban kibbutz is a network of shared resources and socio-educational and/or humanitarian actions. Thus, 10 people in Haifa, 15 in Tel Aviv and 3 in Be’er-Shev’a can state that they belong to the same urban kibbutz because they work together in the same place and/or on the internet or otherwise, they put a portion of their salary or all their salary in a shared bank account, they spend time together on a daily or more occasional basis, they share the organization and the tasks, they cooperating on social and educational and/or humanitarian action projects. This network can be expanded internationally.

Paris Kibbutz plans to feed “his chutaf” (sharing of means, actions, knowledge, know-how etc.) with existing kibbutz in France (Pardailhan), kibbutz in the process of being founded (Marseille), kibbutz abroad such as the one near London or in Belgium, etc., kibbutz in Israel.

Since its creation in July 2018, Paris Kibbutz has been hosting inter-kibbutz hosting project, psycho-socio-educational and humanitarian actions, twinning actions with kibbutz in Israel and diaspora, partnerships with other associations, a lucrative project.

It organizes events (workshops- brunch / dinner, celebrations, kibbutz fashion holidays, trips, workshops and open days) to make known, share his way of life, thought and actions.

Last but not least, the 4 slogans of the KDP:

“The kibbutz is not a way of life that suits everyone. But if it suits you, then look for your kibbutz and join the ‘Haverim! “

“The urban kibbutz is an instrument for a change in people’s way of thinking “

“No need to agree on everything to lead together beautiful actions”

“The rurban kibbutz is Judaism in action. It’s not a project, it’s a reality! “