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Become member, supporter or ‘Haver of Paris Kibbutz.

Who can become supporter, member or ‘Haver of the kibbutz of Paris?

The association “the kibbutz of Paris” is an association open to anyone interested in the way of life of the kibbutz, in France or foreign.

The Kibbutz is a way of life from Jewish culture, promoted by people who think it is relevant, whether or not they belong to that culture.

This intercultural welcome is for the association very important, in many respects.

How to become supporter, member or ‘Haver in the kibbutz of Paris?


Are considered “supporters” of the association “the Kibbutz of Paris”, people who are membership of the association and participate in events, meetings, workshops, celebrations etc. proposed by the association, depending on their availability.


Are considered members of our association, people who are membership of the association and commit themselves and devote a significant part of their free time to the life and the various actions carried out by the kibbutz of Paris.


Are considered ‘Haver, the people who will live in the matrix place (whose foundation is in progress …. expected in the course of the year 2020) and work partly or totally in the kibbutz of Paris.

If you are interested in meeting us, to apply for one of these three possibilities of participation, contact the association.

For further…


A membership in the movement of ideas and actions of the association allows access to the status of sympathizer.

A participation in the achievements of the first urban kibbutz in France, according to his personality, his availability, his possibilities and his inventiveness is a more active way to also reach the status of sympathizer.

Any sympathizer pays an annual membership to the association of 35 €. The check must be made payable to the association “Psycho-socio-educational and humanitarian action of the KDP”.


The active members of our association devote a significant part of their free time to the creation of the first urban kibbutz located in Ile de France. The idea of ​​sharing time of conviviality, cultural and social time in this first community, if not to live there, once it is founded, is part of their commitment.


“Haver”, “haverim” (plural) is a Hebrew term meaning “friend” and, in the context of the kibbutz, “member” or “comrade”.

Where does this term come from ?

We find this term frequently in the Talmud. It is used to designate rabbis not yet ordained but co-opted. By this word, a weight is given to fraternity induced around erudition and transmission.

When the word “Haver” is pronounced, hebraists hear its root: “H” “B” “R”, three letters that can be organized in various ways to also generate the words: “hibour” common name meaning “connection “; “Léhaber”, verb that means “to connect”.

The “haver” is the one who lives “connected” as much as he connects.

In kibbutz, members have always called themselves “haverim”.

The members of a classical or urban kibbutz are thus called “havere kibbutz”, the term “haverim”, placed in a nominal group, turning in plural into “havere”.