Partners associations

Our partners associations

Guershon Nduwa, Member of the Crif

“La Fédération des Juifs noirs” and “Le kibboutz de Paris” are a meta-community …

“Le kibboutz de Paris” and “Léhaïm handicap” coordinate some of their proposals, notably the psycho-social-educations actions, in order to be more effective and supportive of families.

Through its musical events, the association give artists multiple opportunities to perform in order to become better known and to be able to earn a living from their art. These events are also convivial moments, offering young adults and adult participants the possibility of meeting other professionals, creating network and opportunities for exchanges.

These artistic moments are offered in exchange of a cooperative contribution:

  • a venue or apartment from one of the participants, enabling the event
  • a buffet composed of what each participant brings
  • a financial contribution from each guest, modest in terms of the talent of the artists who perform, but which, cumulatively, constitutes a significant support in the lives of artists

The associative proposal of the Cercle du Pont des Art’Monies resonates with the ethics and some of the actions of “Le kibboutz de Paris”. A partnership allows the coordination of some of their investments and ours (“Professional Network” / Art Events, “Psycho-socio-educational Actions” / Art Events).


A trip to meet and create twinnings with Israeli urban and classic kibbutz is in preparation.

If you are interested in participating, contact the association.