What is a “rurban” kibbutz?

Territorially, it is “a matrix place”, that is to say, a nodal, communal place of life, from which a network of living places unfolds.


The “matrix” place : For economic and cultural reasons, it is close to a large city or a capital, in a suburb chosen for the magnificence of its nature, its rural setting. This “matrix” place concretizes one of the militant axes of the rural-urban kibbutz: to live for humans in a respectful, harmonious and necessary link with nature.

It is the home of the ‘Haverim who share a communal and rural life (vegetable garden, gardening, small livestock etc.). It welcomes the members and sympathizers of the rural kibbutz for moments of work, study and conviviality.

The network of living places : Geographically dispersed up to the international level, the “rural” kibbutz has an urban and rural network of dwellings which, together with the matrix place, constitutes the rural kibbutz in its entirety. These dwellings are the apartments or houses of the members or sympathizers of the Rurban Kibbutz.