The book of his life. Project for seniors


Telling the important events of his life, how his singular history has met the collective history, what you understood of all that.

Organizing the writings, narrative after narrative. Attaching photos.
A supporter or member of the kibbutz of Paris, trained for this type of production, comes to realize this book with you.
At the rate of 2 hours per week, in a friendly relationship, for a maximum of one year, you work on this construction / transmission for your children, our children, the collective memoryHistorical memory. 
Life lessons. Between these weekly meetings, both of you organize, write and prepare, then share the writing and the worked presentation before the next session.
A copy of the book of your life will take place in our archives, at the kibbutz of Paris.It will strengthen our collective identity. 

To set up this project, click on this link


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