Questions on the urban kibbutz

Questions on the urban kibbutz 


president of the association “urban kibbutz”

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1/ What is the urban Kibbutz?

2/ The urban kibbutz is born and exists in Israel. Can we expect to see it born to life in France?

3/ Is urban Kibbutz open to all?

4/ Is a doctrinal baggage necessary to join or create an urban kibbutz? Should I have read Marx, Proudhon, Bakunin, Kropotkin or Moses Hess?

5/ What could a young person living in France today expect from the birth of urban kibbutzim in France?

6/ What conditions must I fulfill to join an urban kibbutz?

7/ To found an urban kibbutz, do you have to live in the same building or neighborhood?

8/ For many people kibbutz is tied to farming. Is there not a contradiction between what belongs to the city and kibbutz?

9/ Is the urban kibbutz not today a utopia out of date in a globalized world?

10/ For many people kibbutz remains associated with the communist world. Is there not a contradiction between the kibbutz and the return to Jewish roots that motivated the creation of Israel?

11/ Is the urban kibbutz one among the kinds called participatory economics?

12/ What is the difference between an urban kibbutz and a cooperative?

13/ In your profession of faith, you raise migratory flows, is not it irrelevant?

14/ Does urban kibbutz position itself politically?

15/ In recent years, there has been a wave of suicides in this or that public company, as well as a clear increase in the use of antidepressants absorbed by employees.

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