Inter kibbutz hosting project

Inter Kibbutz Hosting

Inter Kibbutz Hosting Project is intended for members and supporters of the Paris Kibbutz

You are coming to study in Paris. You are in training or on a business trip for a few weeks in the Paris area. You are coming onholidays from elsewhere in France or from abroad. You are emigrating, moving and you find yourself temporarily withouthousing. You are going to Israel for a temporary stay or even an aliyah. You would like to be received and hosted in France or in Israel.

Don’t hesitate, get in touch with the Paris Kibbutz!

Our kibbutz has a network of supporters and members in Paris, in the Paris area, in France and abroad, including in Israel, who are able to offer accommodation, for a week, a month or more, in their home.

They will host you in the kibbutz fashion, that is to say in exchange for volunteering of some sorts, both sides exchange some sort of service, to be discussed and agreed upon.

For example you could:

  • Help your host progress in your native language through conversations.

  • Help them with DIY projects, or tutorials.

  • Help them with IT skills

  • Participate in community work with the Paris Kibbutz

  • Offer accommodation in Israel, or your home country, at a later stage

  • Help with child minding, spend some time with an elderly person…

Places we can host (list subject to change):


  • Paris 16th and 17th districts

  • Sèvres

  • Créteil

  • Cazeres sur Garonne (60 km from Toulon)


  • Catalonia


  • Ashkelon



  • In France, in The Paris Kibbutz, 20 minutes from the Bercy gate, in a small village.

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