inter-kibbutz welcome and accommodation

  • The inter-kibbutz welcome is open to everyone. The Paris kibbutz, located in a small village 20 minutes from Paris, as well as some members and supporters of Paris kibbutz living in Paris, the suburbs of Paris, in Province even in Israel and abroad, welcome at home, in their private dwelling place, for a Sabbath meal, a feast, for a day of celebration. To be invited, contact the association.
  • Inter Kibbutz accommodation is intended for members and supporters of Paris kibbutz.

Inter kibbutz accommodation: you come to study in Paris. You are in training or professional mission for a few weeks in Paris or the Paris region. You come from France or abroad for holidays in Ile de France. You emigrate, move and you will find yourself without housing time to enter your new home. You go to Israel for a stay or an aliyah and you want to be hosted and hosted in France or Israel the time to enter your home.

Do not hesitate, contact Paris kibbutz!

Our kibbutz has a network of supporters and members of its association in Paris, in the Paris region, in France, abroad, in Israël who are able to offer a week’s accommodation, a month or more, in their home.

We will find you a reception on the kibbutz mode, that is, in exchange for volunteering, of good services to think and define.


  • hosting for conversation with the hosted person to progress in the language of the hosted person
  • accommodation for DIY
  • hosting for computer courses etc.
  • accommodation for community work to meet the needs of the kibbutz of Paris
  • accommodation in France against accommodation in Israël 
  • Accommodation with a sympathizer or member of the kibbutz of Paris against a service to be defined (support a few hours a day of a child, a senior etc.)

Places of accommodation (list under construction):


  • Paris XVI, Paris XVII
  • Sèvres (92)
  • Levallois-Perret (92)
  • Créteil (94)
  • Fontenay-sous-bois (94)
  • Cazeres sur Garonne (60 km from Toulon)


  • Catalonia


  • Ashkelon


  • In France, in The kibbutz of Paris, 20 minutes from the gate of Bercy, in a small village


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