Lea Ghidalia-Schwartz

Lea Ghidalia-Schwartz lived in kibbutz. She has worked in Israel in innovative psycho-socio-educational programs, including the one proposed by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the « Perah » program. She has been practicing for over twenty years as a psychotherapist and psychoanalyst.

Invested in social psychoanalysis since 2003, she founded the associations Bleu Soleil Education and AMCAT in which she is invested to this day. Her associations offer family services and training to professionals in the educational, social and psychotherapeutic sectors, services is training inspired by the innovative programs in which she worked in Israel as well as kibbutz ethics and philosophy of life. His professional concern has always been to invest in both therapy and prevention.

The Kibbutz is a way of life that corresponds to the idea it has of prevention, because it offers young and old a living environment humanizing, healthy enough and supportive. The actions of the association « The Kibbutz of Paris » correspond to the culmination of his reflections and proposals in the psycho-socio-educational sector, associative investments started in 2003.

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