Our workshops « brunch/dinner »


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Once a month, the urban kibbutz in Paris organizes a brunch or a dinner at its supporters or members’ place. A dozen guests are invited. Each brings a dish and a drink.

After talking around the table, getting acquainted, the progress of the urban kibbutz is exposed.

The discussion is open.

Everyone’s good ideas and criticism are noted.

 These workshops “brunch / dinner” will allow, from weekend to weekend, the supporters of the association to get to know each other, to think and act together. In short, to become “Havere kibbutz” for those who wish.Every six months or so, an “all together” moment is organized at one ofthe supporters or members with an apartment or a larger houseor in a rented room.

If you’re interested in being invited to one of these “brunch-dinner” workshops,please let us know:

Contact: Léa Ghidalia-Schwartz

Important reminders:
1 / Before contacting to participate in a workshop “Brunch / dinner”, please read our charter.
2 / General rule for food and drinks brought:
The dishes will be vegetarian: vegetables, fruits, cakes, cheeses, milk, eggs, bread,etc.
– no meat, which includes gelatin (pork) and E120 (insect-based),so please check the composition of ready-meal,
– about fish: stick to tuna, salmon and hake because seafood and some other fishare not kosher,
– wines and grape juice must be stamped kosher.

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