Some examples of tasks, activities and studies Coaching seniors

An optic of intellectual, cultural, psychological and physical stimulation An optics, if necessary, of maintenance and practical help in everyday life.


  • Make a point on the news and discuss it. Exchanging on social events, cultural issues etc. (from a newspaper, the internet, various readings etc.)
  • Set up and follow an individualized and adapted fitness program, that is to say, a set of physical activities aimed at maintaining and improving one’s physical condition and lifestyle, in the interest of well-being. Initiation to yoga. Dance standing, sitting etc.
  • Study a foreign language.
  • Practice playing a musical instrument.
  • Learn pottery work as any other craft possible. Doing handicrafts, do-it-yourself, painting
  • Explore and develop your skills in the use of the computer, its mobile, an android etc.
  • Cooking, to make a dish to offer, for the meal to come or again, to prepare an invitation
  • Stroll through a park, garden, nature, downtown
  • Go to the pool, the museum, a conference, a religious, cultural celebration; visit a university, a historic site, panoramic; attend a television show, a radio recording etc.
  • Photographing, filming, sorting photos, editing, movies
  • Read; to tell aloud; write stories, news, a book; to work on his creativity; print his productions. Attempt the publication.
  • Go to the media library regularly Watch a movie or selected documentary. Exchange on what has been seen.
  • Storing the house or doing the administrative in a good mood,
  • listening to selected music
  • Go to administrative appointments, medical, shopping etc. while discussing
  • To be together in peace, in silence.
  • Learn to rest, make micro-naps. etc.

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