The association

The association

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“The Kibbutz of Paris” is a non-profit association whose purpose is to promote a lifestyle inspired by the classical kibbutz and the urban kibbutz.

Our association works for the establishment of the first kibbutz in France inspired by the classical kibbutz and the urban kibbutz.

The Kibbutz is a way of life from Jewish culture. Our association “The Kibbutz of Paris” is an association open to all those who think the way of life of the kibbutz, whether Jewish or from another culture, is relevant.

The sympathizers of the association “Kibbutz of Paris” participate in the realization of this project, according to their personality, availability, possibilities and inventiveness. A commitment in principle to the movement of ideas and actions of the association also allows access to the status of sympathizer.

The active members of our association devote an important time of their investments for the creation of the first kibbutz located in “Ile de France”.

The idea of ​​sharing time of conviviality, cultural and social time, in this first community, if not to live there, once it is founded, is part of their commitment.

Sympathizers as active members defend the validity of the way of life proposed by the Kibbutz, which has been proven for almost 100 years now, in Israel.

Seeing the Kibbutz way of life spreading beyond Israel’s borders, where it would be particularly conducive to social and cultural advancement, also motivates both sympathizers and active members of the association in their actions.

The association « The kibbutz of Paris » was born from an encounter. During one of the broadcasts of the film « The kibbutz, an Israeli dream » directed by Denis Khalifa, screening organized by the association « urban Kibbutz » Léa Ghidalia-Schwartz meets Claude Berger, founding president of the association  » Urban Kibbutz « . A collaboration follows this meeting. The association « The Kibbutz of Paris » implements the ideas developed and disseminated by the association « Kibbutz urban ».

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