The seminar-workshop proposed by the kibbutz of Paris. Presentation.

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« Clinical psychology, psychopathology, metapsychology and psychological diagnosis. « 

Theory, workshop and filmography

This seminar-workshop is an individualized training.

You can register and start this seminar-workshop, whenever you wish.

This seminar-workshop is animated by Mrs. Lea Ghidalia-Schwartz

The seminar-workshop makes it possible to acquire benchmarks or re-interrogate his achievements in the field of mental health, from its healthy manifestations to its pathological manifestations, whatever its training and past professional experiences.

This seminar-workshop provides knowledge in clinical psychology, psychopathology and psychoanalytic metapsychology. It allows to practice the psychological diagnosis.

In difficult psychological situations, knowing how to make one or more diagnoses allows to have a clearer idea about the expected symptomatic manifestations and about the accompaniment (s) and treatments that can be beneficial to a child, an adult, a couple, a family in difficulty.

The diagnosis at the psychological level therefore makes it possible to orient. It also allows:

  • to manage in the framework of a professional or voluntary practice the difficult personalities
  • to develop and carry out adapted accompaniments, when intervening in place of psychotherapist, psychopedagogue, coach etc.         

Regarding the psycho-socio-educational projects of the Kibbutz in Paris, knowing how to make a psychological diagnosis is a valuable knowledge and know-how for members or sympathizers invested with a young or a young person in difficulty.

This seminar-workshop is divided into two parts:

First part: the seminar.

The teaching provided is recorded. At the beginning of each month, you receive the audio document that corresponds to the monthly seminar as well as the transcript of this seminar in a Word document.

The viewing of a film or extracts of a film, illustrating by its protagonist the psychic pathology studied, is indicated to you.

A filmography. Why? The cinema illustrates with relevance certain pathologies. Psychic disturbances happen to be a powerful theme, allowing filmmakers to create the most intriguing intrigues and the most unlikely turnarounds. Mental illness is the most common subject in the field of the seventh art. Therefore, from a filmography indicated, in the framework of the workshop of our formation, you can try ourself to the psychological diagnosis.

Second part: the workshop.

« We agree on a face-to-face meeting or through WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime etc. of one hour. During this meeting, you ask your questions to a trainer on a theoretical point or on the diagnosis that you think about one of the protagonists of the film viewed.

The trainer will guide you as needed in this diagnostic exercise. You can also use some of the time of this workshop to discuss your practice in the context of the proposed support programs of The kibbutz of Paris. » 

Program of the seminar:

Seminar 1. The fields of knowledge invoked for the diagnostic elaboration

Part 1. Clinical psychology, psychopathology, metapsychology and psychological diagnosis. Presentation. 

Part 2. A brief history of psychic disorders. Definition of key concepts in psychic disorders, respecting their chronological appearance.

Seminar 2: The main psychic structures

Part 1. Psycho-sexual development.

Part 2. Neurosis, psychosis, borderline including perversion.

Seminar 3: (continuation and end of seminar 2)

Seminar 4: Psychoses

Seminar 5: Hysteria

Seminar 6: Obsessional neurosis

Seminar 7: Anxiety in all its forms

Seminar 8: Boderline  pathologies

Seminar 9Psychopathology of the child

Seminar 10: Autism 

Seminar 11: Eating Disorders

Seminar 12: Depression

Seminar 13Addiction (drogs, alcoholism etc.)

This seminar-workshop is proposed to the ‘haverim, members and supporters of the kibbutz of Paris which, 5 hours a week, offers to a young or a less young people in difficulty, one of the accompaniments proposed by the kibbutz of Paris.


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