Weedings at the Paris kibbutz. “Kibbutz fashion” weedings…

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« Weeding at the Paris kibbutz, a family, rural celebration. »


The kibbutz puts at the disposal of its sympathizers, members and ‘haverim’ its chuppah, its gardens, its kosher cuisine, its « moadon ».

The family and / or friends of the bride and groom are involved. They participate in the organization of the wedding with the sympathizers, members and kibbutz haverim who propose themselves for the event. Our photographers, cameramen, musicians, cooks etc., our amateur talents of all kinds contribute to make the weeding at Paris Kibbutz, a chalerous celebration, a unique moment of « Yedidut » (yedidut: hebrew traduction : fraternity, friendship. The word « Yedidut » is made up of 2 times the root of the word « Yad » which means « hand. » It actually takes 2 hands, to give one’s hand to live the friendship in action, the fraternity)

On the wedding day, the bride and groom and / or guests will be able to make a donation, intended for the psycho-socio-educational and humanitarian actionsof the KDP. A cerfa receipt will be given back to them.

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