Paris Kibbutz life

The “matrix” place :

A property owner invested in the association offered the hospitality to Paris Kibbutz. Therefore, Paris Kibbutz was able to experiment its very first collective experience of kibbutz-style stay. Two houses, apartments and a large garden in a small village in the Parisian suburb were made available to Paris Kibbutz from 2018 to the end of 2019.

Encouraged by these experiences, Paris Kibbutz has invested since April 2020 in its birthplaces founding in Sèvres and the creation of its lucrative activity, the reception house of Paris Kibbutz called “Beit Ya‘ had “.


From its network of living places :

Paris Kibbutz carries out its reception and interkibbutz accommodation, its psycho-so- cial and educational plans and humanitarian actions. In addition, it also looks after its twinning actions with the kibbutzs in Israel, partnerships with other associations and its income-making projects.

Paris Kibbutz also organizes various events such as brunches, dinners, workshops, celebrations, trips, stays, courses and open days in order to make the Parisian Kibbutz known as well as its way of thinking, acting, living and working.

The main profitable activities that will be carried on and developed are:

Events :

In Beit Ya’Had, the reception house of Paris Kibbutz in Normandy, Paris kibbutz offers:
– “fashion kibbutz” stays
– the celebration of your Bar-Mitzvahs, Bat-Mitzvahs, weddings, family, educational, artistic and cultural events, in « fashion kibbutz”. What is « fashion kibbutz”? Members and volunteers of Paris Kibbutz organize, prepare and intervene as needed, for and during your events, with the participation or not of yours.

Training :

Training in educational psychology, life coaching and art therapy.

Professional Network :

Active members of Paris Kibbutz, in compliance with the ethical rules of their profession (lawyer, psychotherapist, communication agency, training, private lessons, etc.), donate 10% of their profits to the Kibbutz of Paris. Choosing these professionals is another way of acting for the development of Paris Kibbutz, by the way of the international movement militant of intentional communities ( Please request a list of our professionals by email at :

Inter-kibbutz reception :

Inter-kibbutz reception is intended for members and sympathizers of the kibbutz of Paris.

Paris kibbutz welcomes to its reception house Beit Ya’Had, in Normandy, as well as to some of its members and supporters living in Paris, in the Parisian suburbs, in the provinces or even in Israel and abroad, for a Shabbat or festive meal, for a day celebration, a work meeting, a training day, a “Kibbutz mode” day, etc.

Inter-kibbutz accommodation :

Inter-kibbutz accommodation is intended for members and sympathizers of Paris Kibbutz.

Examples : you come to study in Paris. You are in training or professional mission for a few weeks in Paris or the Paris region. You come from France or abroad for holidays in Ile de France. You emigrate, move and you will find yourself homeless while you move into your new home. You are going to Israel for a stay or an alyah and you wish to be welcomed and accommodated in France or in Israel the time to enter your home.

Do not hesitate, contact Paris Kibbutz!

Our kibbutz has a network of supporters and members of its association in France, abroad and in Israel who are able to offer accommodation for a week, a month or more.

We will find you a welcome on the kibbutz style, that is to say, for volunteer work, an exchange of good services to reflect and define.


  • hosting for discussion with the guest allowing progress in the language of the guest
  • accommodation for repair or DIY lessons
  • accommodation for help-desk or computer courses
  • accommodation for work corresponding to the needs of Paris Kibbutz
  • accommodation in France for accommodation in Israel
  • accommodation with a sympathizer or member of the kibbutz of Paris for a service to be defined (support for a few hours per day of a child, an elderly person, etc.)

Accommodation charter (under construction)

Location of reception and accommodation (list under construction):

France :

Spain :

 Israel  :

Paris 16e, Paris 17e, Paris 12e
Créteil (94)
Sèvres (92)
Levallois-Perret (92)
Fontenay-sous-bois (94)
Cazeres sur Garonne (60 km de Toulon)

Paris Kibbutz, accommodation in Sèvres. In Normandy.

From its network of living places, Paris Kibbutz receives volunteers for festive and sociable moments shared with the members of Paris Kibbutz. These moments take place at a defined address, day and time. These gatherings are also based on the creation of small crafts, painting, etc. To get more information and to participate, please contact us via e-mail : or call at: +33 6 64 71 76 12.

Once a month, Paris Kibbutz organizes a brunch or a dinner at one of its supporters or members’ home. A dozen of guests are invited. Everyone brings a dish or a drink. The guests are people who would like to know more about Paris Kibbutz. After a first contact phone call, you are invited to read our website and have a look at our Facebook page.

These workshops aim at welcoming prospective supporters, members and ‘Haver kibbutz.

If you would like to be invited to one of these workshops and festive dinners, please contact us
the association at: +33 6 64 71 76 12 or send us an e-mail at:

A few days together on a kibbutz modus operandi are regularly offered to the members and supporters of the association. This is a shared community life (meals taken together, study, workshops, leisure, parties are organized and experienced together) in keeping with the suggestions and the agreements of all.

“Fashion Kibbutz” stays are organized at Beit Ya’Had, the reception center of Paris Kibbutz in Normandy, near Pont Audemer.

The invitation of young Israelis with psycho-social difficulties, and whose mission is to teach Hebrew, remains the nodal point of the stay. The participants have always been thrilled to offer accommodations to these young Israelis, to show them Paris and its surroundings. The aim is to knit close ties and to spend quality times with these young people. An affectionate, educational, cultural and supportive bond accounts for the initiative and the continuation of these invitations.

In a humanly and environmentally-minded move (in other words, no waste, time, energy and means saving), Paris Kibbutz does not encourage the launch of parties and events on its behalf. Instead, Paris Kibbutz will encourage its members and supporters to federate and organize on its behalf the constitution of groups which in a friendly way and through car-pooling, will take part in the cultural events and celebrations organized by the communities and associations of Ile-de-France. Indeed, they often lack the means, both human and financial, to carry out their projects successfully.

The kibbutz is above all a tool for changing mentalities. It is a way of life. “Lekabbetz”, the Hebrew root for the word kibbutz means “to gather” or “to join”. “Lekabbetz” reminds us that culturally speaking, in this context of proliferation of offers, what counts most is not so much the upgrading of one’s stamp but what can allow the gatherings, the mutual aids and the Haverout (fraternity and friendship).

However, Paris Kibbutz welcomes from time to time, from its inter-kibbutz welcome and at Beit Ya’Had, its reception house in Normandy, for parties, celebrations, training sessions and moments of meeting.

The project to network and found a common matrix location between Paris Kibbutz and the largest urban kibbutz in Israel, Kibbutz Mishol, located in the city of Nazareth Ilit, is being reworked for the following reasons :

  • This twinning as we thought would involve frequent air travels between France and Israel. Straight after the Covid19, those air travels cannot be conceived anymore because of the restrictive laws regarding international travels.
  • When the confinement ends, the Haverims are likely to be short of financial means.

Though, the exchanges and reflections will be continuing. The projects, in terms of psycho-social and educational plans and humanitarian actions, remain conceivable, relevant and desired by both sides.

This partnership is a part of the Tikkun Movement.

The kibbutz Mishol is an urban kibbutz belonging to the «Tikkun» Movement. Tikkun would like to be a social pioneer.

Its vision : Acting for a society which interweaves circles of partnerships, responsibility and social justice.

Its goal : To establish activist communities spread out all around Israel and abroad.

Paris Kibbutz wishes to give Tikkun an international dimension by twinning with the Tikkun activist communities in Israel.

The project to network and found a common matrix location between Paris Kibbutz and the Mishol kibbutz remains a strong point of our investments. Carrying out this partnership opens and defends a new and facilitating path for Alya (emigration or ascent to Israel for those who can and want it).

A travel aimed at meeting the Jewish communities in Africa was planned for July 2020. The goal was to forge ahead links for future exchanges, sharing and partnerships. This trip has been postponed.

For the time being, we are approaching our links through writing and visual virtual.

Paris Kibbutz will only communicate to inform about :

  • Its existence and functioning through its websites or some live presentations on demand.
  • The dates, places and times of its events


Paris Kibbutz’s daily life, celebrations and events as well as its psycho-social and educational plans and humanitarian actions will be spread by its members, supporters, ‘Haverim and visitors, protected and freed from any obligation of publication in order to preserve the excitement of the new moments which are to come at the gatherings.

Here again, Paris Kibbutz would like to be a tool, if not the catalyst, of a change in mentalities. It is a question of freeing ourselves from an obligation which, nowadays, borders on harassment. It has also stepped on all individual and collective initiatives such as the obligation of giving an account of each one’s action and gestures through the hyper connection to the social media.

Hence, on order to share more information, life has become alienated and restricted. The individuals have been dominated by screens, writings, pictures or videos shared with a tyrannical immediacy.

At Paris Kibbutz, we will rediscover and share the taste for the transient, unique and rare encounters and the joy which belongs to those who have made the choice to stick to it.

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About the Paris Kibbutz :

“Paris Kibbutz” is the first existing kibbutz, of the “rurban” type. It is also the name of the non-profit association whose goal is to promote a way of life inspired by the classic kibbutz and the urban kibbutz : the “rurban kibbutz”. This association was founded in July 2018.

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