Paris Kibbutz,

Paris Kibbutz is a networked kibbutz, under construction.

Like any kibbutz, Paris Kibbutz invests itself, first, in order to be financially autonomous.

Its main lucrative activity is developing in Normandy, near Pont Audemer, in its “Reception House”.

A property, made available to Paris Kibbutz by an owner invested in its foundation, makes it possible to organize events, parties and various celebrations:

– Weddings, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, birthdays etc. “Fashion kibbutz”, which means family and / or association volunteers prepare the event together

– “Fashion kibbutz” stays,

– Provision of this property in appreciation of a donation. Provisions that allow you to take advantage of the property to welcome family, friends, learners as part of a training course, a unique kosher ecotourism!

The lucrative activity of Paris Kibbutz which began in August 2021 will enable the Kibbutz of Paris:

– To found and maintain its collective living space which will be in the city of Sèvres (15 minutes by car from the XVI arrondissement of Paris)

– To participate in the pooled revenues for the needs of its members and to finance its “Tikoun Olam” (its psycho-socio-educational and humanitarian actions)

His reception house in Normandy as his planned collective living space in Sèvres are places that bathe in lush, favorable nature:

– To the country culture

– To a one-off or daily contemplation and life, in a flourishing relationship with nature, in other words, with divine “Creation”, in addition to that always maintained with the land of Israel. This relationship is defended for humans by Jewish transmission and also by most preventive and curative therapeutic approaches. In these times polluted by concrete and sclerosing due to imposed digital technologies, living simply, in a happy and direct relationship with animals and nature, is a privilege that is becoming rare and that Le Kibbutz de Paris preserves and offers to those who wish. come and share it, enjoy it.

These French places of life, in Normandy as soon as in Sèvres, called “matrix”, are networked internationally with a “matrix” place in Israel: Kibbutz Mishol, the largest urban kibbutz among the 220 existing urban kibbutz. in the country now. This international networking project has been put on hold since March 2020, due to the health crisis. Paris Kibbutz will reinvest in it as soon as the health situation permits and as soon as its 2 “matrix” places in France (Normandy and Sèvres) are fully operational.

These “matrix” places, in operation in Normandy and under construction in Sèvres as well as with Kibbutz Mishol, are already offering, beyond moments of community life in “its territories”, a collective life in a network, from the respective homes of members who do not think to live for the moment if not one day, in one of the “matrix” places in France and / or in Israel, but wish to invest in the community life of the Kibbutz of Paris, in particular, in :

– Its psycho-socio-educational actions

– Its training (its “mechina” that is to say its training workshops for the foundation of modern kibbutz)

– His workshops-brunch discovery of the project

– Its events and celebrations etc.

This reception network includes homes open throughout France, Spain, Miami etc. It keeps expanding.

The members of Paris Kibbutz are already deciding how much to share their income for the benefit of the community and its actions. They deposit monthly on the bank account of the association “Action Psycho-socio-educational and humanitarian Paris Kibbutz” (which allows cerfa receipts and tax deductions) or on the bank account “Paris Kibbutz” monthly sum. They also share, directly, their income and voluntary assistance, in a less formal way, according to their possibilities, in this time of construction of our Kibbutz.

Paris Kibbutz is an association under the 1901 Law :

It is a non-profit association founded in July 2018 which promotes a way of living inspired by the classic kibbutz and the urban kibbutz, hence it’s name: the rurban kibbutz. This reinvention of the kibbutz has been developed by Léa Ghidalia-Schwartz.

The association called “Psycho-social and Educational Projects and Humanitarian Actions” LKDP, under the 1901 Law, was created in parallel with Paris Kibbutz. It concentrates the actions of the association considered as being of public utility. It also delivers “cerfa” documents (receipts) to donors so that they can benefit from tax reductions of 60 and 66%.

“Paris Kibbutz” association is open to anyone interested in the kibbutz way of life, residing in France or abroad.

The kibbutz is a way of life originated from the Jewish culture, promoted by people who think it is relevant, whether they belong to this culture or not.

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“Paris Kibbutz” is the first existing kibbutz, of the “rurban” type. It is also the name of the non-profit association whose goal is to promote a way of life inspired by the classic kibbutz and the urban kibbutz : the “rurban kibbutz”. This association was founded in July 2018.

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