Humanitarian Action

A “safe haven”:

Paris Kibbutz offers temporary host families from its network of living quarters and especially, at Beit Ya’Had. This reception, from 8 days to 1 month, makes it possible to offer a haven of peace to young and old alike confronted in their daily life with precariousness, rejection, violence, war.

This welcome has been offered since the creation of the KDP to young Israelis in psycho-socio-economic difficulty and / or traumatized because they live in areas exposed to rocket fire and / or from an emigration in difficulty of integration.

"It is the human being who heals the human being.”

Marcel Rufo

Some supporters and members of the KDP as well as non-KDP members are offering, to come to the aid of populations in great difficulty or persecuted around the world, money commensurate with their respective means. The association “Psycho-socio-educational and humanitarian action LKDP”, recognized as a public utility, allows its donors to benefit from tax reductions of 66% of the sums committed.

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“Paris Kibbutz” is the first existing kibbutz, of the “rurban” type. It is also the name of the non-profit association whose goal is to promote a way of life inspired by the classic kibbutz and the urban kibbutz : the “rurban kibbutz”. This association was founded in July 2018.

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