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  • You can integrate your residence to the interkibbutz reception.
  • You can commit to our psycho-social and educational plans.
  • You can offer to be a foster family
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« It is the human being who heals the human being. »

Marcel Rufo

Offer to be a foster family: Individualized humanitarian aid

Our action :

Some supporters and members of Paris Kibbutz offer, to help persecuted populations around the world, money within their capability and / or a special kibbutz welcome.

These help and welcome can also be offered to young people and Israeli adults in psycho-socio-economic difficulty and / or traumatized because they live in areas exposed to rocket fire.

In conjunction with associations active in these precarious areas of life, we organize travel and reception in France for one, two, three weeks or more, for young and old people who are experiencing daily difficulties.

For Israeli young people and adults in psycho-socio-economic difficulties and / or traumatized because they live in areas exposed to rocket fire :

The foster family adjusts the stay for the beneficiary, listening to his personality, needs and desires. This project is articulated with that of psycho-educational support or coaching for adults in difficulty.

For young and adult survivors :

When coming out of violence, no one thinks of settling down, of reconnecting with a little gentleness, of well-being, of trusting a “foreigner” etc. The first thought is to find your loved ones, to find your house, a house, some landmarks. Our project is designed for survivors who have returned to their villages for some time, for survivors who wish to feel the good that some time spent in a peaceful country could bring them.

These people are installed in the warm and pleasant environment of a foster family. Sweet dishes, good for health, are shared. It is possible to cook together, watch movies, listen to songs, music. It is also possible to let these children or adults enjoy the house, respecting their need for withdrawal. Listening to what the welcomed person is ready to experience, it is possible to stroll in the streets of Paris, to go for a walk by the sea in Normandy for a few days, in the nearby countryside, etc.

It is about sharing, proposing, achieving together or, withdrawing, leaving in peace. And this, listening to the needs and desires of the welcome, while waiting for the desire to do together and to live, to be shared.

Discussions are in English, depending on the English level of the person welcomed and / or the host. If you only have a few words of English to share, a few generous gestures, looks and smiles compensate for the difficulty in communicating, while waiting to progress in spoken English during the stay.

Back in his country, if the bond created is happy, the welcomed person can correspond with his host, and keep the link and proximity, in particular thanks to modern means of communication. This maintained bond allows the welcomed person to come back for one or more additional stays, in order to continue to recharge their batteries at the welcoming guest.

This haven of peace for a time allows a traumatized young or old people, to live a time of fraternity and who knows, friendship. It allows those welcomed to regain their strength, to begin to abandon their survival reflexes to consider life, re-envision the future, with a somewhat healed faith in Man, a faith without which it is impossible to rebuild, raise children.

Of course, with this project, Paris Kibbutz does not offer all those who want it and need it this special welcome. But helping a man to cope helps his family, his lineage, his collective.

And when it comes to aid, there is no “small contribution”.

Any contribution is precious.

If you want to be a foster family as part of our humanitarian aid, get in touch!

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“Paris Kibbutz” is the first existing kibbutz, of the “rurban” type. It is also the name of the non-profit association whose goal is to promote a way of life inspired by the classic kibbutz and the urban kibbutz : the “rurban kibbutz”. This association was founded in July 2018.

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