The Kibbutz in France

Paris Kibbutz morphs from an”urban” kibbutz to a “rurban” kibbutz…

The Kibbutz in Israel marked a turning point in 1987 with the emergence of urban kibbutz.

In France, the Kibbutz emerges in 2019 in the form of the “rurban” kibbutz.

What is a “rurban” kibbutz ?

Territorially, it is a classic or urban kibbutz – we will call it “matrix place” – networked with dwellings belonging to ‘Haverims. These are located near the place of origin or more distant, up to the international.

The matrix place”: for economic and cultural reasons, it is close to a large city or a capital city, and located in a suburb chosen for its lush environment and for the splen-
dor of its rural setting. The “matrix” place is the “rurban” kibbutz’s militant aim and its prospective achievement: living for human beings in a respectful, harmonious and necessary link with the nature.

It is the home of the ‘Haverim who share a community and country life. The place is endowed with a vegetable garden, a garden, a small livestock, etc. It offers hospitality to the members and supporters of the “rurban” kibbutz for some quality times of work, study and entertainment.

The network of the living places : It has been disseminated around the world, the “rurban” kibbutz has an urban and rural network of housing which, together with the “matrix place”, frame the whole “rurban” kibbutz. These places are the members’ apartments or houses of the “rurban” kibbutz.

The daily life in a “rurban” kibbutz

From its housing network and its matrix place, the “rurban” kibbutz unfolds its collective life which is built around :

  • its collective life : Meals taken together, festivities, celebrations, parties, various receptions between ‘Haverim, members and supporters; team works, study and leisure, which can be physically and virtually organized.
  • the psycho-social and educational plans and humanitarian actions

Work and money at the “rurban” kibbutz :

The money-making activities of a “rurban” kibbutz are :

  • one or several companies or startups created and run by ‘Haverim, members and/or supporters
  • the pooling of the financial resources which comes from the salaried employees (teachers, social workers, civil servants, etc) and the self-employed members of the “rurban” kibbutz


Each “rurban” kibbutz has a conventional agreement on the amount of the financial pooling :

  • profits-pooling from its business, companies or startups
  • incomes-pooling from some of its ‘Haverim, members or supporters, employees or self-employed.


This pooling, which can notch up to 10% of all the profits and/or incomes, is put into the kibbutz bank account and spent for the collective needs (food, housing, education, health, unemployment, insurance and supplementary pension, etc).

The “rurban” kibbutz does not live in isolation :

The “rurban” kibbutz can receive non-Haverims, non-members and non-supporters at its “matrix place” and at its urban and rural housing network. This hospitality can be offered for various occasions such as celebrations, parties, cultural events, or on kibbutz-style stays.

Paris Kibbutz is the very first “rurban” kibbutz ever :

Its foundation began in January 2019 in Ile de France. “Rurban kibbutz” is a term coined from “Paris “rurban” Kibbutz” inaugurated as an association.

Paris Kibbutz is an association under the 1901 Law :

It is a non-profit association founded in July 2018 which promotes a way of living inspired by the classic kibbutz and the urban kibbutz, hence it’s name: the rurban kibbutz. This reinvention of the kibbutz has been developed by Léa Ghidalia-Schwartz.

The association called “Psycho-social and Educational Projects and Humanitarian Actions” LKDP, under the 1901 Law, was created in parallel with Paris Kibbutz. It concentrates the actions of the association considered as being of public utility. It also delivers “cerfa” documents (receipts) to donors so that they can benefit from tax reductions of 60 and 66%.

“Paris Kibbutz” association is open to anyone interested in the kibbutz way of life, residing in France or abroad.

The kibbutz is a way of life originated from the Jewish culture, promoted by people who think it is relevant, whether they belong to this culture or not.

Who is Lea Ghidalia-Schwartz, founder of the association ?

Léa Ghidalia-Schwartz is the founder of Paris Kibbutz. She used to live in a kibbutz. She has been practicing as a psychotherapist and psychoanalyst in France for more than twenty years. Involved in applied psychoanalysis on the social field since 2003, her professional concerns have always been focused on therapy for children, adults, couples and families. She also dedicates a part of her time to preventive measures. Since July 2018, this prevention has been offered in the form of an innovative lifestyle called the “rurban” kibbutz.

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About the Paris Kibbutz :

“Paris Kibbutz” is the first existing kibbutz, of the “rurban” type. It is also the name of the non-profit association whose goal is to promote a way of life inspired by the classic kibbutz and the urban kibbutz : the “rurban kibbutz”. This association was founded in July 2018.

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